Did Serena Williams Take Steroids Or Natural?

Did Serena Williams on steroids?

This is funny, more probably It is one of the first questions asked.

Is Serena Williams on steroids

The question may bring up the controversy.

Serena is one of the greatest tennis players ever.

The rumors have spread over the years for the accusations of steroids.

There are copious stories and the allegations are made.

Athlete Statistics Of Serena Williams:
  • Height of the body: 175 cm
  • Weight of the body: 154 Ib (70kg)

Full Body Measurement:

  • 40-30-44

Is She Really Took Steroids For Enhancing The Performance?

Let’s take a closer look at the Accusations of Serena Williams steroids.

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We gathered an information through deep research and now we decide to begin a conversation on evidence.

Physical Appearance:

Serena Williams muscular bodyIt is difficult to predict that she is on the steroid just because of the muscular development

When we look the Serena Williams body, so she looks more muscular and has defined physique as compared to the other professional women’s.

Obviously, Serena is big and huge, but there is no any woman who can develop the arms without taking some help from the Pharmacist.

Even Serena looks more muscular and well-toned than her sister.

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The stories of competitiveness show Serena physique result of hard work and training.

There is none of the evidence available that predicts whether she is natural or take some help from the drugs.

But the main thing to consider is physique.

The Accomplishments:

Serena not only won major Slam for twice, she also won the Grand Slam Tournament titles.

Serena took the third position all-time on the list Grand Slam.

She received the 1st ranking around the world for six times

Despite the admirable physique, she received a lot of attention from her tennis fans

It seems like, she will definitely win the competitions if continues her level of play.

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She is one of the tennis play among all, who received Grand Slam titles in the 2 decades.

When we do a comparison, Maria Sharapova has won title for five times even she failed to a drug test for banned substance by WADA “Meldonium”

WADA banned the variety of substances and steroids which are used for the treatment of asthma, allergies and hyperactivity disorder

Drug Test:

According to the Daily Beast, Williams locks herself in the Los Angeles home “panic room”, when there was a drug tester outside from the ITF.

The way she looks and dominance over the tennis seems like she never failed a drug test ever.

David Frum Atlantic suggesting Serena Williams might be doping or use some PED (Performance enhancing drugs)

Simultaneously, he suggested a same opinion for the Australian “Smantha Stosur

The Mystery Illness

She is injured most of the time and out from the minor events of the tour.

There are many injuries which were strange by a nature for instance, Serena Williams was hospitalized in the year 2011 due to the Pulmonary Embolism.

Pulmonary embolism is directly associated with the blockage of major arteries in the lungs.

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The specific reason for a blockage is a formation of blood clots.

The formations of clots are large and sometimes small, however this is associated with the damage of lungs, whereas a large clot of blood can interrupt the blood flow and can be fatal.

Most of the people called this injury “Mystery illness” at Wimbledon in the year 2014.

Serena Wiliams is also known for her aggressive behavior.

The aggression is a result of using the Winstrol and Anavar.

Dianabol can also be used when you need to grow some mass in the body.

What Type Of Steroids Might Give You A Similar Physique:

There are a lot of steroids are responsible for enhancing the performance.

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There are some steroids on our list such as Anadrol, HGH and, Primobolan results.

  1. Anadrol is an anabolic steroid that is used for the cutting and bulking purposes as well, but it is an aggressive choice for the women.
    Anadrol is associated to increase count of red blood cells and boost up the growth of muscle.
  2. HGH is not technically included in the steroid but it is most effective to enhance the performance.
    HGH is also associated to stimulate the growth of connective tissues, but can be recovered through the intense training.
  3. Primobolan has a reduce androgenic activity that can increase the strength and also turns the body to lean.
    It is the first steroid for the women, which can promote the bulking.


There are many top-level athletes are a part of the performance enhancing drugs and the drugs tests are not strictly regulated so the majority can easily cheat.

The Daily Beast

There are many athletes who accepted steroid use to enhance the performance, such as the Martina Hingis, Gasquet, and Troicki

The 2 superstars of table tennis like Venus, Serena Williams and one gymnast Simeon Biles were allowed for the drugs due to some medical reasons.

According to the Russian Hackers, Three US Olympians were allowed, but banned at the time of competitive sports.

Whenever some of the peoples are accused for the PED (Performance enhancing drugs) so she will argue that the injuries are teh result of steroid.

Of course, she is on the steroids.

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